About Me

I have a Master's degree in translation and interpreting from the Institute of Translation Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. I have worked in the translation industry both in the private and public sectors since 2014. While working as an internal interpreter, I used to interpret the board of directors meetings every week. This experience was invaluable and I still benefit from it. I have learned that business meetings are not always all smiles, and that the participants sometimes speak all at the same time. And an interpreter has to meet this challenge.

I am a great fan of digitally signed certified translations because they save your time and mine too. You can use them repeatedly and they can be easily converted to paper form. If you are eco-friendly, they are the best choice for you. No paper, no printing. And if you communicate with public authorities, you do not need to pay postal fees (and save the time otherwise spent queuing at a post office), because there are no fees for messages sent to public authorities via a data box.

I am a member of the Chamber of Court Interpreters and Court Translators of the Czech Republic (KST ČR) and regularly participate in their seminars. I believe that education is a never-ending process. There is still a lot to be learned, and one cannot do without continuous education in my profession. Getting ready for interpreting assignments is a good opportunity to obtain knowledge about new and interesting topics, too. Recently, I have, for example, learned that the CSR concept is gradually being replaced by ESG, and about what barbers call fading.

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